Comfort and convenience in subscription

#onegesture for you and the planet, regularly.

One gesture for you and the planet, regularly.

Comfort and convenience in subscription

Enjoy great discounts and prices

Our subscription gives you a permanent, up to 15% discount on all subscribed products. It also guarantees that the prices for these products will stay the same for the entire subscription period.

Let yourself be surprised

Do you like surprises? We do, too! But we like surprising you even more. As our subscriber, you will get a free gift every few months.

Get just what you need

Ordering our bars in subscription means you take care of the environment regularly. You reduce the amount of plastic and save water. You only get what and how much you need. As much and as little.

How to get started

It’s simple. Just like our recipes.

  1. Select the subscription option before adding your product or products to cart.
  2. Choose how often you’d like to get a replenishment. Just remember that our bars are super long-lasting!
  3. Enter your CC number to purchase and that’s it! We’ll make sure that you never run out of your favorite bars.

Your convenience matters most

How our subscriptions work

Easily manage subscriptions

You can change the delivery date, frequency, address, and payment method anytime.

Pssst! Temporarily change your address 
in settings and send your favorite bars
to someone else as a gift!

Cancel anytime

You don’t need any more bars or you’ve changed your mind? Cancel your subscription whenever you need!

Pssst! You can also pause and resume 
your subscription with one click!

Swap, test, play

Want to try a new product? 
No problem! Just pick the bar 
you want us to send you next time!

Pssst! Try our new bars as they launch — 
simply replace the products in your subscription with our newest arrivals.
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How do subscriptions work?

A subscription is nothing else than a recurring delivery of your favorite products. You pick and order the products once, and we collect the payment and deliver them to you as often and for as long as you like.

What are the benefits of subscriptions?

Ordering in subscription saves you time and money. You get a permanent discount onDam all subscribed products and you don’t have to worry about ordering replenishments.

How can I start my subscription?

Select subscription instead of one time order before adding a selected product to cart. Provide your CC data to pay and that’s it!

Can I pause or cancel my subscription?

Sure! You can edit, cancel or pause your subscription anytime by logging in to your Soap for Globe account or by clicking the Edit link in the subscription confirmation email.

Can I change the shipping address or payment method in subscription?

Of course. You can change the shipping address and your preferred payment method once you log in to your to your Soap for Globe account or click the Edit link in the Subscription confirmation email.

What if my payment fails?

It may happen. In this case, we’ll try to charge the payment again in the upcoming days. Remember you can easily edit your payment information in your client account.