Set for oily hair and scalp - shampoo and conditioner

89,00 PLN

A shampoo and conditioner bar for oily hair and scalp. 

They cleanse the scalp in depth and help regulate sebum production, keeping your hair fresh and full of volume for a long time.

The shampoo contains:

  • gentle washing substances, horsetail and nettle extracts that have antibacterial and strengthening properties and restore the balance of the scalp
  • zeolite - a mineral that cleanses the skin and hair of excess sebum 


  • contains horsetail and nettle, which have antibacterial properties and regulate the secretion of sebum
  • jojoba oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, which strengthen the hair roots and moisturize  
  • the hair remains light and fresh
~ rituals full of pleasure you'll love
How to use bars so that the care is effective and gives us a lot of pleasure?
Everyone can have their own way, and we suggest the ones we have tested and loved:

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