Bar Bag

59,99 PLN

Discover a unique way to store your cubes. 

Our proprietary pouches - designed to best store all SFG cubes:

~ can hold up to three cubes (shampoo, conditioner and washing bar)

~ thanks to the hangers you can store them in the shower or on a hanger

~ you can put cubes on it to let them dry after use

~ is extremely light and at the same time very roomy

Ps. you can also use it as a washer - especially when taking care of children!

Made of a special waffle fabric (100% cotton) that dries quickly.

It measures approx. 9 x 13 cm, which it finally reaches after the first wash *. (The waffle fabric slows down by about 1cm). 


* It can be washed many times at a temperature of up to 40 degrees C and will keep its final form. 

~ rituals full of pleasure you'll love
How to use bars so that the care is effective and gives us a lot of pleasure?
Everyone can have their own way, and we suggest the ones we have tested and loved:

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